12552553_10208264243868950_7505306496626138390_nWhen Tombo was abandoned at the shelter he was absolutely terrified. He wouldn’t eat or drink and he barely moved from spot to spot. In the language of the rabbits of Watership Down, Tombo was tharn. He would not have survived long if left there, so I bought him home to foster, and discovered that he would always be a very shy and aloof boy; it was just his way, and we loved him.

A week or two later another little dwarf who had been abandoned also succumbed to the stress of the shelter and went into acute GI Stasis, so I brought her home as well, “until she recovered” – only to find she was prone to GI issues (mild cow pile syndrome). Nothing left to do but bond her—now named [Fatty] Billie Holiday—to this shy little bunny, in hopes she would be a calming influence, and that together they would have a long and happy life as Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbits Tombo continued to remain aloof, responding happily for treats and meals, never wanting affection from humans.

When years later our little Fatty succumbed to a thymoma, Tombo was grief stricken and became very finicky so we quickly found him another tiny friend, a bunny found the streets of Hollywood, the little lady you see here – adorable (and currently suffering from advanced renal disease) Thalia!

Skip forward a bit (and skip more rambling?): A year later an elderly and critically ill rabbit was abandoned at another local shelter. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue stepped up to get him and take him in, but the problem was there was only one spot available – and Count Chocula needed long term round-the-clock care (he had heart and kidney disease, eye infections, urine scald—and was starving) WHAT TO DO!?

Solution: My best friend and Zooh Corner’s VP, Susan, offered to take Tombo and Thalia (she has a thing for the tinies) so that Chocy could live at my house, where he could get the round-the-clock care he needed, and become the FB Star he was clearly destined to be!

Tombo and Thalia lived with Susan for several years – very happily – and it was only this weekend past that we found out that tiny, elderly (11 or 12, at least) Tombo had a greatly enlarged heart. He was absolutely fine up until that point. . .and I am so grateful that he did not suffer a long illness. He had a long and mostly very good life.

Binky in Peace, little Tombo (Le Bombo), and find your Fatty Billie to love and cuddle. You and your round face and fancy grey ears (from The Ear Store!) will live on in our hearts forever. We love you, little one, and we will miss you.
Susan, Sum, Thalia, Cat & Kevin

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