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Dopey Safe

My name is Dopey. I am 8 years old. My humans abandoned me and a friend of theirs put me on Craigslist for $1. That included all of my stuff. I’m not on Craigslist anymore. Thank you Zooh Corner, thank

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Double Donor Time

It’s DOUBLE DONOR TIME at Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue! We REALLY need your support this month. December and January are very low donation months and this month’s double donor is smaller than usual, as two contributing donors are dealing with

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Petco Supplier Torturing Animals

PETA has recently reported on the cruel and senseless treatment of animals at Holmes Farm, a Pennsylvania animal mill that supplies small mammals to hundres of pet stores across eastern U.S.  They are calling on everyone to boycott Petco, Petsmart, and

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Update from Alexander Small

From the paw of Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbit, Alexander Small: “Hi guys. I’m trying really hard to get better, I promise. I think I might be feeling a little better, but I’m not sure. I need a little more time

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When Tombo was abandoned at the shelter he was absolutely terrified. He wouldn’t eat or drink and he barely moved from spot to spot. In the language of the rabbits of Watership Down, Tombo was tharn. He would not have

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Korea Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing

Cruelty Free International has reported on an upcoming ban for cosmetics testing on animals.  As of 2018, Korea will join other progressive countries including the European Union, India, and New Zealand.  From their article: Cruelty Free International Director of Policy

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Responsible Rabbit Owner Guide Features Zooh

We just discovered that Ameena Schelling made a wonderful article that tackles common misconceptions about rabbit ownership.  It is well-written, and covers some great details that help explain why having a pet rabbit is more than a whimsical idea for a

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We Almost Lost Luigi

Luigi went in to the vets last Tuesday, and we’re afraid to say we almost lost him.  After going in for a necessary routine molar trim, he began having cardiac/breathing issues.  We put him on oxygen and an IV drip

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Alexander Small’s URI

Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbit Alexander Small is still struggling with his upper respiratory infection and gut issues despite round-the-clock care and several vet visits. We’ve tried a few tweaks but if they do not help him improve he will be going

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