Meet Pancakes

2015-11-14 - PancakesPancakes is nine years old. Her human had to move into a much smaller place and could not take both animals. She advertised her on Craigslist with a $20 rehoming fee. I was **beside myself with worry** trying to find someone to take her in as a Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbit. Thank goodness Kate succumbed to begging and tears.

She is curious and friendly. I hope this helps her adjust to her new life. Losing her home, human and dog after nine years has got to hurt. cry emoticon

This little lady looks good, though she is showing signs of arthritis in her front feet and is a little underweight and under-muscled. She is intact (not spayed) and I felt a little bit of a lump when I palpated her abdomen. Could be nothing. . .that is certainly the hope!

She needs to see a vet ASAP for radiographs and bloodwork. We have one sponsor already and only need to raise $250 more to cover her initial vet visit. Who wants to be a sponsor of lovely Pancackes?

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