Binky in Peace Satchmo

12109243_10207788749421886_3418024342711173533_nOur hearts are missing a big, soft chocolatey-rexy chunk without you here. Daddy misses your nighttime snuggles and I miss your morning antics, and the kisses I got during your morning massages and ear rubs. You are with your girls now, whole and pain free. . . forever loved, forever missed.

Satchmo had a long and mostly happy life as a Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbit. Over the last two years, as most of you know, he was struggling with recurring abscesses on his right front leg, which in then had to be amputated to save his life.

He was such a trooper! Despite his leg issues he was always such a curious guy, and before that a wonderful caretaker of his little harem, Victoria, Kay and Abby.

We still can’t quite believe he’s not here. . .
We love and miss you, Satch-a-mo.

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