12141756_10207788749341884_2953818667982864068_nSatchmo came to Zooh corner some time ago, and fell in with a wonderful harem of white rabbits who he quickly grew very fond of.  Victoria, his bondmate and fellow Sanctuary rabbit, was a loving mother of several children, and Satchmo welcomed them all into his heart.

Over the years, we had to say goodbye to his companions – most recently Victoria in May 2015.

For the last year, Satchmo had been living with a recurring abscess in his front right leg.  After numerous treatments and attempts to save the leg, we realized that the only way to try to save his life was to amputate.  Dispite his chronic illness, Satchmo was a curious and friendly boy, who didn’t let a sore leg slow him down until the very end.

It is with a heavy heart that on October 27, 2015, we had to say goodbye to our beloved chocolate rex.


Posted in Gone but not Forgotten

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