Zooh Presents “We Are LOVE” Tees

Capture 2015-10-07 18-55-03-001Bunnies are not meat……..They Are LOVE!

Inspired by Zooh Corner’s “Sacramento Meat Breeder Babies,” Tickle, Wesley, Alvin and Tonka, our friend, the amazing artist, Elise Church has created this lovely artwork of The Boys.

In January 2015, Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue welcomed Tickle, Wesley, Alvin and Tonka to our sanctuary. These rabbits, known worldwide as the “Sacramento Meat/Breeder Babies,” were just four of many who were rescued from a meat breeder who was housing them in cramped, filthy wire cages, where a dog was able to savage them and bite off parts of their feet. It took many months to heal their wounds, but they are now all healthy and happy and full of bunitude! To honor these bunnies and their painful beginning, our much-loved friend and supporter Elise Church has created a beautiful, artistic print. We feature this print on a t-shirt just for you to wear and let everyone know that bunnies are not meat…they are LOVE!

Available in unisex and women’s tees AND sweatshirts.

Buy one (or more) for you, for a friend, for a gift—or purchase and donate to a rescue for their auction (including ours!)!

All profits benefit the bunnies, but we have to sell enough to fulfill the campaign—so please share. . .share. . .SHARE!

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