Erin’s Baby Rescued from OC

12115843_10207665778787697_8929968111905759236_nThis is Erin Borozny’s baby. She was rescued from the Orange County shelter and was going to briefly stay with Zooh Corner until she heads across the country for her new career.  Special thanks to Cindy Widdall for pulling this little one!  It turned out that this sweet bunny was quite ill, and we’re in the process of caring for her.

When she arrived, she had tons of gas and was quite skinny, with an uncomfortable pot belly.  We started supportive GI care immediately and took her to the vet as soon as we could.  After a vet visit on October 5, she was briefly hospitalized. She had severe bloating, but from gas not what is commonly referred to as bloat. Pretty bad case of coccidia as well as some other GI issues. Her protein levels are also low.

After seeing the vets, we saw about a 30% reduction in gas from her gut, plus she is eating and poops are looking a bit better.  We feel that she’s on the right track, but we have a long way to go.  We’re still hoping to see her back to full health so she can travel with her new mama!


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