Luigi’s Dental Surgery

Luigi vet visit 2015-09-09Luigi the Lemon, one of our beloved Sanctuary Bunnies, has recently been showing some troubling signs of weight loss, lack of appetite and lethargy.  We brought him in to see Dr. Kanfer at Exotic Animal Care Center today, and she identified some tooth spurs on his molars that were causing him some pain.

This is the second time this little trooper has undergone dental treatment, and we almost lost him last time due to a bad reaction to the “wake up” drugs following the surgery.  This time around, his kidney values were a little elevated, likely due to weight loss.  His surgery was done under sedation, not anesthesia, and we have seen no complications.  He’s groggy and a little tipsy, but showing increasing signs of activity, appetite, and rabbitude.

As you are well aware, we ensure that our rescued adoptables and sanctuary bunnies have the very best health care possible, and we can only continue to do this with your help.  Please support Luigi’s dental surgery, as well as all the other buns at Zooh Corner!

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