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Luigi Says Donate Pleez!

Luigi the Lemon is working hard to make sure all the donations come in on time!  From now until Midnight, September 30, any donation you make will be doubled, up to a maximum of $700.  You have the chance to

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Double Donor October!

It’s time for Zooh Corner’s October DOUBLE DONOR and Fluffernutter is asking for your help! Can you ignore a plea from this cute face?  As you may recall, Fluffernutter was recently rescued, and starting to improve.  She even did her first

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Shop at Ralphs; Help Zooh Corner

Did you know that you can enroll to donate, simply by using your Rewards Card at Ralphs?  Every time you make a purchase, a percentage of your grocery bill will be donated to Zooh Corner! Simply visit their Community Contribution

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MOnocle Adopted!

Our lovely MOnocle came out to our free seminar on Sunday, and we’re happy to say that he has been adopted!!  Here he is getting to know his new bunny wife, the teeny and adorable Ava! Good luck with your

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MOnocle – Rescued Feb 15, 2014

MOnocle (not a typo!) was rescued from the East Valley shelter on February 15, 2014. He was on the BLUE ALERT list (with Cali). He had wounds on his hip and paws, a mild mite infestation, and needed to be

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Petition Kroger – Stop Selling Rabbit Meat

Anna MacLennan has started a petition, calling on Kroger to stop selling rabbit meat in their stores.  From her petition: What would you do if you saw cat or dog meat in a store? Most people would be completely disgusted,

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Whole Foods Ends Rabbit Meat Sale

A Message from Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue president, Cat Logsdon Tuesday, September 15th, will go down in history as a day of joy and celebration to those of us who love rabbits, as Whole Foods Market agreed to permanently end

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Emergency Kits by EACC

In preparation for the next rabbit health seminar on Sunday, Exotic Animal Care Center is offering emergency kits to have on hand in case you need to quickly respond to a health issue.  Here’s some details about the kits: Basic

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Next Sunday! Rabbit 911 – Part 2

SUNDAY! Seriously, friends, this is a must. HANDS-ON training—shots, fluids, oral meds, syringe feeding, palpating the abdomen (checking for bloat!). PLUS: ER kits, Health Exams by Dr Sari Kanfer, aromatherapy grooming, adoptable buns, Zooh Store (hay, toys, goodies. . .),

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Zooh Welcomes Fluffernutter, Mourns Snickerdoodle

Please join us in welcoming Fluffernutter to the Zooh Corner Sanctuary.  We rescued her from a local shelter last Sunday, and she was in rather rough shape.   She is dealing with urine scald, mites, infected eyes, and a urinary

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