End Rabbit Meat at Loblaw and Kroger

krogerThere are two petitions recently started, calling on large grocery companies to end the sale of rabbit meat.  Rabbit Rescue Inc. is petitioning Loblaw Company Ltd of Canada (Zehrs, Fortinos, Loblaw), and Anna MacLennan is petitioning Kroger.  Canada does not cover the breeding and slaughtering of rabbits under the Humane Slaughter Act.  From the petitions:

Rabbit Rescue Inc:

We, friends of rabbits, will not support stores that carry rabbit meat. These creatures are not ours to breed, to separate from natural social relations, to house in typically cramped conditions with little opportunity for healthful and happy behaviours.

In Canada, there are NO Codes of Practice for Rabbits under the Humane Slaughter Act. There are no laws that require livestock rabbits to receive minimum amounts of food, water, space, sensible handling, or effective medical care. We will not support stores that are responsible for the suffering and death of animals that many people consider pets.

Anna MacLennan:

There are no breeds of rabbits that are exclusively, “Meat rabbits.” The breeds primarily used as “Meat rabbits,” are New Zealand rabbits, and Californian Rabbits, (as shown above in picture). In fact, New Zealand rabbits are the 8th most common rabbit breed kept as pets!

There is no reason that we should be eating an animal that is kept as a pet by millions of people nationwide!

Please sign these petitions, and make a statement by ending your business with these stores.

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