Petition VS to Stop Animal Testing

efBuELPwvsoLqKo-800x450-noPadSamantha Pérez has started a petition calling upon Victoria Secret to stop testing on animals in order to sell their products to China.  From her petition:

China requires animal testing on all cosmetics that they sell in the country. Victoria’s Secret has expanded into China and, therefore, has started testing on animals to meet their requirements.

We want to send a clear message to Victoria’s Secret: cruelty to animals is not worth more profits on top of the billions you are already making.

Big companies like The Body Shop have said animals’ lives are more important than profits, and Victoria’s Secret should too! It’s worth the wait to delay selling in China until they change their laws to be more animal friendly, and such a large corporation’s insistence on remaining cruelty-free may just sway China’s government to act faster toward this end.

Please sign this petition and help spread that word.  We have reported on efforts to ensure companies go cruelty free in the past, and you can go cruelty free by learning what products are already making the step to end testing on animals by joining the Leaping Bunny program.

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