Satchmo Surgery Updates

11903700_10207309742807020_294818151206788084_nSatchmo was recently in for emergency surgery to fight off deadly septicemia in his long-standing paw infection.  After surgery, he is eating a bit more and moving about a little. He has moved from a cage to a pen. Still not active, of course, and there is pain (and pain meds), but there is improvement!

We still need to raise nearly $400. Please help. Our outstanding vet bill, not including this emergency surgery, is nearly $10K. We really need to pay for this surgery, in full, by Monday. ALL donations make a difference.

So very grateful to all of you who have contributed so far! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please let me know if you would like a receipt, or if you use the PayPal print-out as your receipt.



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