Emergency Surgery for Satchmo

11831791_10153123064488106_2120961120330936757_nDonations are needed ASAP so we can at the very least put some money down tomorrow. Our outstanding vet bill is nearly $10K.  Satchmo, one of our beloved sanctuary bunnies, has been battling an infected leg for quite some time.  We have tried for months to avoid amputation. We have had several emergency surgical procedures to rid his leg of infection and avoid deadly septicemia. His last surgical procedure was only three weeks ago and already the pus is back–with a vengeance and since Monday!—-and it is moving UP his leg. There is a lot of pain (and pain meds). We MUST stop this or he will die. His surgery is tomorrow. He is 10 years old and in otherwise excellent health (eyesight aside!)

Please donate now to help us pay for this necessary surgical procedure. You can donate via PayPal or directly on the vet account.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this.  Please help us save Satchmo’s life!


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