Mr. Fuzz

002Mr. Fuzz arrived at Zooh Corner on March 26, 2015, rescued from the high kill Agoura shelter before they euthanized him.

The poor little man was so pitiful.  He had an infected eye, hock sores, pretty severe arthritis, urine scald and was emaciated. We treated all issues that we could, ran blood work, and made sure he settled in well to his new life.

The person who turned him in had him since he was 8 weeks old.  They claimed that he was too old, and they just gave up on him.  Who could do this to a rabbit? Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve rescued a rabbit in a state like this. It was the same with the rescues for Chocy, Phineas, Poppie, Tuxedo, Picasso, and so on.  Going back for years, Zooh Corner has been giving these poor, neglected, rejected bunnies a new lease on life, and welcoming them into the Sanctuary, where they have received the love and care they deserve.

We took Mr Fuzz in and gave him the care he needed, gave him space, comfort, good food and love, and we let him live his life that way, for wherever time he had with us.

Sadly, his time with us ended on Saturday, July 25, 2015. He was his good, old, silly and addled self Friday night, but by Saturday morning it was very clear that he was beginning that otherworldly transition. We adjusted a few meds in hope that he could recover. But by afternoon he was not better; he was preparing to leave his cute, frail, old body. And as with all the elderly and special needs bunnies who come to us, there is always the promise that when that time comes, we will listen.

And so it was with Mr Fuzz. At 4:30PM, Saturday, July 25th, little Mr Fuzz left us and earned his fuzzy little wings. We loved him and will miss him so much, and we are so grateful we were able to give him at least a few months of the life he deserved.

Love always to Susan, dear friend and Zooh Corner Vice President, who steps up time and again to take in these special elderly and special needs babies when I am out of space, and extra thanks to her for sharing Mr Fuzz with me. As she said to him before he left yesterday: You have two mummies. And was true.

My heartfelt thanks to Mr Fuzz’s sponsor, Aldo Lilley, who helped make his medical care possible.

Binky In Peace, Mr Fuzz. You were much loved and you will be missed—by many.

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