The Bunny Burrow

bunny burrow rabbit rescueThe Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue was founded in August, 2013 by Erin Ramsey and Megan Geller.  Although The Bunny Burrow is fairly new to the nonprofit rescue world, the founders are long-time rabbit rescuers and advocates who have been active in the community.

The Bunny Burrow is a lot like Zooh Corner, in that all rescued and adoptable rabbits are fostered in homes, as opposed to large facilities.  This personal, in-home fostering by rescue volunteers ensures that the bunnies are socialized and their personalities are well known.  Potential adopters can be given a great deal of information about each one’s special personality, ensuring the right match.

The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue is located in the Fort Worth Texas area.  If you would like to know more, check out their website or their Facebook page.

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