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Double Donor Ends June 28

CORRECTION!! Please help! The end date of our Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue double donor was WRONG on our flier. The end date is JUNE 28 (not July/28). Due to this mistake we are not getting the donations we need and

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Humane Cosmetics Act Support

Cruelty Free International is continuing their campaign for the Humane Cosmetics Act in their Making North America cruelty free campaign, on the recent support of Peter Dinklage, a well-known actor and animal lover.  From their post: Emmy and Golden Globe award

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Double Donor July!

Do you love the Zooh Corner bunnies? We KNOW you do! From now through midnight, July 28th, all donations will be doubled by our generous sponsors!  Our monthly double-donor campaign helps us cover rent, hay, greens, and DSL each month.

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Canadian Bill to Ban Animal Testing

Humane Society International (HSI) reports on the recent launch of the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, a bill launched to prohibit animal testing for cosmetics in Canada, as well as blocking the sale of all cosmetics that have been recently tested on

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Your Donations at Work

Here’s just a few examples of your donations at work.  Do you remember Tigerlilly, the skinny older girl- bunny with the head tilt and sclerosis of the eye? Zooh Corner took her in a few months ago.  Just look at her

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Meet Frogger

Just recently, a bunny was caught after he hopped across FOUR LANES of North Hollywood Traffic.  Luckily, he he was unhurt from his ordeal.  His kind rescuer had no alternative but to take him to a shelter. That’s when Zooh Corner stepped

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Twinkle Star’s Double Bloat

Over the last few weeks, NO! Twinkle Star has been in and out of the emergency room twice for bloat. She had to have surgery, and we’re lucky to still have her with us. The fur is starting to grow

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Medical Bills GoFundMe Campaign

We have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover an exceptionally high balance on our medical account.  Since the end of April the bunnies have had some exceptionally tough illnesses and this has included MANY emergency room visits and

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Goodbye Daisy Ducktoes

Our hearts broke yet again when we lost our sweet Daisy Ducktoes. It was very sudden and unexpected.  She was not ill. She’d eaten her salad in the afternoon, been in the hay box, been out of her pen and

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Daisy Ducktoes

Daisy Ducktoes was such a special bunny. So special. She liked everybun and was bunwife and Nursey Bunny to two of our special loves, Puck, and Rufus Poofus Poofington. Puck was blind and grieving the loss of his sister, and

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