RRR Call for Equal Pet Rights


Image Source: http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/kenny-macaskill-backs-campaign-for-rabbit-rights-1-3770412

The Scotsman reports on Rabbits Require Rights (RRR), a Scottish charitable organization devoted to educating and advocating for the welfare of pet rabbits.  RRR has recently called upon  the Holyrood’s Public Petitions Committee to grant protection for rabbits similar to that of cats and dogs.  From their post:

Campaigner Karen Gray told the committee: “…People still view them as cheap, easy, cuddly, child-friendly, and they are far from it. They are one of the most difficult pets. They’ve got specific needs. They’re certainly not cheap, they’re not cuddly, they don’t like being picked up… Just recently there was a pet shop in Kilmarnock which was one of many saying rabbits are great for kids and they would love a bunny for Easter. It’s like puppies for Christmas – it leads to high levels of neglect.”

Here in the United States, we are very familiar with the plight of rabbits from breeders and pet stores, especially around Easter, where they are treated like a cheap commodity to be given as a gift, and all-too-often neglected soon after the novelty wears off.  Campaigns and organizations like Make Mine Chocolate advocate for the responsible decision of not gifting a live animal.

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