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Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has recently reported on an undercover investigation at Pel-Freez, the largest rabbit slaughterhouse in the United States.  They have documented horrific abuse and started a petition calling upon the prosecution of Pel-Freez for subjecting the rabbits at their facility to cruel mistreatment.  From their petition page:

In the first-ever investigation of a U.S. rabbit slaughterhouse, LCA went undercover to expose the extreme brutality inflicted on rabbits at Pel-Freez. Screams of tortuous pain are heard from the CONSCIOUS rabbits as slaughterhouse workers routinely break rabbits’ legs, pierce their bodies’ upside down on hooks and cut off their heads.

After completing the investigation, LCA submitted a criminal complaint to the Benton County Prosecutors Office detailing 323 instances where conscious rabbits experienced intentional infliction of major physical trauma, and 193 instances where rabbits were experiencing pain and distress, all overseen by plant managers and many times witnessed by USDA inspectors at Pel-Freez.

Despite the existence of agricultural regulations and farming laws intended to minimize the cruelty and suffering inflicted on animals raised for slaughter, there is no protection given to rabbits.  What’s worse, the so-called “ag-gag” laws are in place to protect the industry while penalizing whistleblowers, forcing organizations like LCA to perform undercover investigations to get the truth out.  Please visit the LCA site and sign the petition.

These disgusting practices are ongoing because of terrible business practices like the selling of rabbit meat at Whole Foods.  We have reported on this quite extensively, including numerous petitions calling on Whole Foods to stop selling rabbit meat, and thus stop encouraging the unnecessary torture of rabbits in slaughterhouses.

Along with the petition, they offer advice on how to make a difference:

#1.) SIGN the petition above demanding Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith to press charges and prosecute Pel-Freez for the horrendous, massive, barbaric cruelty inflicted on rabbits.
#2.) SPREAD THE WORD AND EDUCATE OTHERS! – Post messages on your social media urging charges to be filed against Pel-Freez.
#3.) ADOPT A CRUELTY FREE LIFESTYLE – Buy products that are only cruelty free and adopt a vegan diet.

The following video is presented by LCA, and contains very graphic footage.

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