11058408_10206301322117133_4934054590581705131_nHerman was born in a shelter, and grew up with his family.  He was rescued by Zooh Corner in 2006, along with his mother, Victoria, sisters Abbey and Kay, and brother Sherman.  Sherman and Herman were the best of friends, and had many years together, while Victoria, Abbey, and Kay were bonded to Satchmo.

When Herman lost his brother, he became a bit of a surly old man, who didn’t much care for cuddles or pets.  He lost his sight, but didn’t let it slow him down or curb his surly attitude.  As time progressed, Herman had developed mobility issues, and he required cleaning and booty baths to stay dry and comfortable.

Herman was recently introduced to Davey Jones, and the two were developing quite a great friendship.  Unfortunately, his condition took a recent turn for the worse, and we had to say goodbye to him on May 11, 2015.


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