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Robbie Toothbrush

This is Robbie Toothbrush. Please welcome him to the Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbits family! We found this little tyke on Craigslist looking for a new forever-home. He is nine years old. His family has fallen on hard times and must

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Almost There! Need Pet Deposit!

We’ve found a great new place for Zooh Corner, and we’re starting to get moved in.  We’re not there yet, and we could really do with your help! The landlord has given us until May 1 to pay for the

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Updated Amazon Wishlist

Did you know about our Amazon Wishlist?  We’ve added a few items, and appreciate any contribution you can make!  Don’t forget that, by signing up for Amazon Smile, a portion of the purchase is donated to the charitable organization of your

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Boulder, CO Protests Whole Foods

Jill Bielawski reports on a protest at Whole Foods in Boulder this past weekend.  Her article leads with a compelling argument for pet lovers everywhere.  Can you imagine having your best furry friend up for sale in the local grocery

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Double Donor Ends Friday!

Double Donor April ends Friday at Midnight!  That means that, if you send in a donation before the end of Friday, your contribution will be matched and have twice the effect!  To get you in the giving mood, here’s a

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Mr. Fuzz Improving

Zooh Corner’s newest oldster Sanctuary Rabbit, Mr. Fuzz Corner, is improving daily in old-guy fashion (that means slowly and a little erratically!). Here’s a video of him chowing down, something he recently started to enjoy.  Many thanks to Aldo Lilley

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Double Donor April!!

It’s that time again!  From now until April 9, any donation we receive up to $750 will be doubled by our generous sponsors!  We’ve taken in Sanctuary bunnies Mr. Fuzz and Tigerlilly, and we’re working through a relocation this month.  Your

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Thunderclap for Easter Against WFM

Lisa Rockwell, friend of Zooh Corner and savior of our own Tonka, Alvin, Wesley, and Tickle, has started a Thunderclap campaign for rabbit advocacy this Easter.  This campaign is calling on support for the petition for Whole Foods to stop

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Get Your Banana Chip Treat Ball

Here’s a cute video by Zooh Corner supporter and friend, Diana Athey.  Her bunnies are enjoying a Zooh Corner Banana Chip Treat Ball, just one of many awesome things you can get from the Zooh Store on ebay.  Alice spends

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New Zealand Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing

Humane Society International (HSI) reports on the success of their #BeCrueltyFree campaign in New Zealand.  A successful vote for an amendment to the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act, where animal testing of finished cosmetics and ingredients intended exclusively for use in

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