Binky in Peace, Cinnamon Blue

002Binky In Peace and in Joy, Cinnamon Blue.

Cinnamon Blue was Kevin’s girl and she knew it. She loved her daddy and loved to cuddle with him. Even while hospitalized she perked up when he came into the room.

And then she met Clark Gable… and it was NOT love at first sight for our bossy and opinionated little Blue Girl. Nope! It took weeks of dates and wooing on his part to convince her he was the right suitor. And in the end, how could she resist Clark Gable? Gable was smitten… and now he grieves along with us.

We love you Cinnamon Blue. And we can’t believe you are gone. NOT FAIR! It was so fast and you were too young… but we had to let you go, to release you from your pain.

We miss you baby. We had a your room in your new home all planned out for you and Gable. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.

Binky in Peace, Cinnamon Blue

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