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001Phyllis O’Beollain, friend and supporter of Zooh Corner, has written an article on regarding our sanctuary bunny Bobby.  He lost his leg a few years back due to a blood clot, and has been getting by quite well as a tripod bunny.  That is, until recently when the strain on his remaining legs are starting to show their toll.  From her post:

Bobby needs physical therapy and a little cart to use, in order to help maintain progress with the physical rehabilitation as well as to enable him to get around . Zooh Corner is asking for help in raising the funds for the cart (Zooh Corner has obtained a discount, but nonetheless the cost will be $475) as well as requesting a monthly sponsor or sponsors for Bobby (one monthly sponsor at $50, or 2 sponsors at $25); ongoing monthly donations of any amount are gratefully accepted, as are one-time donations of any amount.

Here’s some history of Bobby:

If you are interested in sponsoring Bobby, please contact us!  Any donation will help too!

In the meantime, we’re introducing Bobby to our Summer, and so far the two seem to be hitting it off!  Hopefully she can bring him some comfort and happiness


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