Boulder, CO Protests Whole Foods

group-shot_FINALJill Bielawski reports on a protest at Whole Foods in Boulder this past weekend.  Her article leads with a compelling argument for pet lovers everywhere.  Can you imagine having your best furry friend up for sale in the local grocery store as meat?  Whole Foods has alienated the rabbit lover community because of their insensitivity to our requests and concerns.  Imagine if all pet lovers could take the same stance?  From her article:

And so, with the rabbit being the symbol for Easter, we protested Whole Foods in Boulder this past weekend. We protested not because domestic rabbits deserve to live more than any of the other animals killed for Whole Foods, but because rabbit meat is a fairly small market in the United States, and Whole Foods is the most profitable natural foods chain, wielding great influence on other stores that seek to emulate the company’s success. Whole Foods does not need to add to the long line of animals it already sells, nor should it add family pets to its offerings.

Further, domestic rabbits already have enough problems. They are routinely slaughtered for their fur and flesh and used in experiments. Like chickens, rabbits are not covered by the USDA’s Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. As pets, they’re misunderstood, neglected, dumped at shelters or “set free” to die. Those of us who live with rabbits are often at the receiving end of “jokes” about violence against our loved ones. The last thing rabbits need is for Whole Foods to popularize the consumption of their flesh among the mainstream.

Please spread the word and continue to let Whole Foods know that their cruel, inhumane, and unprofitable practice is not acceptable.  Here are some ways you can help:

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