Zooh Reads the Warren

the warrenZooh Corner recommends a great book by Fred L. Tate, a friend and supporter of Zooh Corner.  The Warren introduces you to the hardships and struggles of several rabbits as they experience medical issues and the the loss loved ones.  From the book listing:

Bumper loves his owner, the pretty woman with the long hair who calls him Little Bunny One. But when tragedy strikes and Bumper’s lovely owner dies of cancer, he has to go live with a new owner, and he’s scared. All rabbits are afraid of new things. He soon learns to love his new owner, but tragedy strikes again when his rear teeth start to hurt him and he has to go to the veterinarian. Going to the veterinarian means more new things that scare Bumper. But God means all things for our good, and he has something wonderful planned for Bumper.

Roi is the most curious of rabbits, and he likes to solve puzzles. He likes to explore his owner’s burrow. More than anything, he wants a girl bunny to be his soul mate. When he meets Anastasia, he knows he’s met the one. But Anastasia is a wild rabbit, and she’s weary of domesticated rabbits. When Roi does finally burrow his way into her heart, the two share one of the greatest loves ever known. It’s heartbreaking then when Anastasia dies unexpectedly. But Gracie, another rabbit, just might be able to give Roi another chance at love.

These stories show us that these furry, loveable creatures aren’t so unlike us. Find hope and inspiration when you visit The Warren.

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