Mr. Fuzz Arrives at Zooh Corner

002Our new Sanctuary rabbit, Mr. Fuzz, has recently arrived at Zooh Corner.  The person who turned him in had him since he was 8 weeks old.

The poor little man is so pitiful.  He has an infected eye, hock sores, pretty severe arthritis, urine scald and is emaciated. We are treating all issues and waiting for pending blood work results. He is settling in well, enjoying his new life, and we will do everything we can for him, for as long as he has.

They claimed that he was too old, and they just gave up on him.  Who could do this to a rabbit? Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve rescued a rabbit in a state like this. It was the same with the rescues for Chocy, Phineas, Poppie, Tuxedo, Picasso, and so on.  Going back for years, Zooh Corner has been giving these poor, neglected, rejected bunnies a new lease on life, and welcoming them into the Sanctuary, where they have received the love and care they deserve.

This kind little man is looking for a monthly sponsor to help cover his medical bills.  Your contribution can help us turn his life around and give him the best possible time that the has left with us.

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