Madrid Becomes No-Kill

150323-NoKillLife With Dogs recently reported on a new law in Madrid, which makes it illegal to euthanize stray and abandoned animals living in a shelter.  From their post:

Local animal organization El Refugio started advocating for this law back in the summer of 2014 and they now celebrate their win.

“Today is one of the happiest days of our lives,” said El Refugio’s President Nacho Paunero. “[Our organization] has been fighting for 19 years to make Madrid and the surrounding areas no-kill. We said we would never stop fighting until accomplishing our goal and we have finally done it!”

As a no-kill animal rescue, Zooh Corner applauds efforts to bring a no-kill mandate to shelters.  We note, however, that this is simply a first step required to ensure proper treatment and care of shelter animals.  Adequate funding and support is required to avoid overpopulation and neglect .  The shelters need to reach out to local animal rescues to coordinate adoption and public awareness efforts.

We speak from our experiences, where many of our adoptable and sanctuary bunnies were rescued from shelters which are notorious for euthanizing animals.

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