Rabbit Seminar on YouTube

0Our latest free educational rabbit care seminarElderly and Disabled Rabbits part 3, is now up on our YouTube channel!  We are very grateful to Dr. Jan Steele and Dr. Jessica Waldman from California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) for providing their discussions and demonstrations of their facilities.  Our guests were introduced to techniques such as physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture, which can help rehabilitate an injured bunny, and serve as part of a wellness program for elderly or disabled rabbits.  The physical therapy consultations by Dr. Jessica Waldman provided our guests with an in-depth, personal discussion of their rabbits’ needs, and all proceeds were generously donated to Zooh Corner.

As always, a big thanks to Dr. Sari Kanfer and Exotic Animal Care Center for hosting us, and offering healthy pet exams to our guests.  We simply couldn’t do this seminar series without the support of Exotic Animal Care Center.

Our volunteers worked like clockwork to prepare, operate, and pack up our various venues, including the Zooh Store, spa-style grooming, and videography.  Volunteering makes events like these possible!  If you would like to help in any future events, please let us know!

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended our lecture!  We do this for you, and hope you found it informative, educational, and enjoyable!  We look forward to seeing you next time, where we will be discussing the benefits of finding the perfect bondmate for your furry family member.

Here’s the YouTube playlist for the recent lecture.

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