Emergency Funding for ZCRR Relocation

zcrr relocationZooh Corner Rabbit Rescue needs to relocate by May 10.  We have started a YouCaring campaign to seek assistance for this unexpected move.  From our YouCaring site:

The owner where we have our rescue has given us a 60 day notice to vacate due to their daughter being accepted into a local college prep program.  This is a total shock as we had just worked out details for repairs and next year’s rent.

We have found a good place and are ready to apply. They are okay with the rabbits, there is adequate space, adequate storage for Zooh Corner, space for storage sheds, hay, etc—and if we squeeze in just-so, space for bunny sitting, which is what helps us make it from month to month. Fingers crossed we can get this place. It is smaller than where we are, but it will work for ZCRR!

Please help however much you can.  Zooh Corner requires a home base for our operations, and you can make sure we continue to operate smoothly.  All of our our adoptables, fosters, and sanctuary buns thank you!

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