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RRRThe Huffington Post reports on a petition brought forward by Rabbit Require Rights in Scotland.  From their post:

The aim is to give rabbits the same protection by law as dogs and cats currently have by ending the widespread sale of rabbits via pet shops and other outlets. The petition recommends this is done by introducing ordinances protecting rabbits similar to those operational in numerous states and cities in Northern USA and Canada. These ordinances, backed by the House Rabbit Society, have proved very successful as more and more areas implement them. It sees selected stores and businesses working with local rescues and shelters to offer rescue rabbits to new owners via vetting process thus freeing up space and saving lives by finding good homes for unwanted bunnies.

The petition calls on the Scottish Government to bring the licensing requirements and minimum requirements of rabbit sellers to be on par with that of cats and dogs.  This provides a big step toward more responsible consideration and care for rabbits in pet shops.

Although the petition affects Scotland, it is open for international participants.  As a rabbit rescue, Zooh Corner strongly urges you to show your solidarity for rabbits worldwide by signing this petition.

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