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Zooh Reads the Warren

Zooh Corner recommends a great book by Fred L. Tate, a friend and supporter of Zooh Corner.  The Warren introduces you to the hardships and struggles of several rabbits as they experience medical issues and the the loss loved ones.  From

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Mr. Fuzz Arrives at Zooh Corner

Our new Sanctuary rabbit, Mr. Fuzz, has recently arrived at Zooh Corner.  The person who turned him in had him since he was 8 weeks old. The poor little man is so pitiful.  He has an infected eye, hock sores,

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Zooh Corner Relocation Funds Needed

As you know, Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue was given 60 days to vacate and move the entire rescue. We have found a new place. We got funded, thanks to you! Our application was accepted, and we will give updates soon! The

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Elderly Sanctuary Rabbit Rescued

Zooh Corner has an incoming elderly Sanctuary Rabbit. This guy is at least 10 years old.  The people who dumped him claimed he was too old… We are rescuing him from the high kill Agoura shelter, before they euthanize him.  He does

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Madrid Becomes No-Kill

Life With Dogs recently reported on a new law in Madrid, which makes it illegal to euthanize stray and abandoned animals living in a shelter.  From their post: Local animal organization El Refugio started advocating for this law back in

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Tigerlilly Update

Tigerlilly, the bunny we recently rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society, is doing very well. Her head tilt is slight, she has gained weight, she is more active, and her eye is healing well. Her eye will likely not ever

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Rabbit Seminar on YouTube

Our latest free educational rabbit care seminar, Elderly and Disabled Rabbits part 3, is now up on our YouTube channel!  We are very grateful to Dr. Jan Steele and Dr. Jessica Waldman from California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) for providing their discussions and

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Emergency Funding for ZCRR Relocation

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue needs to relocate by May 10.  We have started a YouCaring campaign to seek assistance for this unexpected move.  From our YouCaring site: The owner where we have our rescue has given us a 60 day notice to

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Easter is Coming – Make Yours Chocolate

As a rabbit rescue, part of Zooh Corner’s mission is to advocate for the welfare and safety of all rabbits.  Ill-prepared owners who receive rabbits as Easter gifts are unfamiliar with the needs and responsibilities of pet ownership.  All too

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UK Call to Action

The Huffington Post reports on a petition brought forward by Rabbit Require Rights in Scotland.  From their post: The aim is to give rabbits the same protection by law as dogs and cats currently have by ending the widespread sale of

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