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Satchmo Surgery Update

Satchmo was at Exotic Animal Care Center for a recheck and rewrap on Friday. While his paw is looking much better, there is still some concern that infection could set in because it was so pus filled and the tissue so

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IDA Demands Sanctuary for Seized Bunnies

The animal welfare organization, In Defense of Animals (IDA) reports on a rescue of 161 rabbits and more animals from an uncontrolled hoader situation, followed by the unjust dissemination of these animals to breeders.  They’re demanding proper sancuary for these

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Gable’s Neuter

Gable went to Exotic Animal Care Center yesterday for his neuter. Check his album for a few pictures of him getting his exam. Notice the “ear looker-inner,” the “mouth looker-inner ” (and yes those are technical terms!). He checked out 100%

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Help Save Satchmo’s Leg

Please help save Satchmo‘s leg! Satchmo is having *another* surgery today on his right front paw/ankle (see radiographs and estimate in this album) in an effort to rid him of persistent infection and stave off full amputation.This is his sixth

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Pets Helping Pets Campaign

Ahoy there, mateys! The Dread Pirate Wesley Wigglebottom, a rescued ‘meat” baby, pictured here with his brothers, Alvin, V.G.B. and Tonka, request a parlay. “Pets Helping Pets” is a simple challenge that will give out over $1000 worth of plunder

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Buon San Valentino!

Luigi the Lemon would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Luigi is just one of our many Sanctuary bunnies who have found refuge at Zooh Corner, and has been living a pampered life full of cheek rubs and cuddles. From

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Blossom’s Recovery

Here’s Blossom  during one of her twice-daily foot soaks. Isn’t she cute? Such a brave and affectionate little soul. Poor little Blossom has a serious UTI (urinary tract infection), urine scald, infected hock sores, an injury on her front left paw

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Summer in February?

Did you know that February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month?  Since 2011, The House Rabbit Society has been celebrating February as a month to spread awareness and encourage rescued rabbit adoption. This beautiful little lady is our Summer Bunny

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Blossom – Rescued Feb 9, 2015

Meet Blossom, rescued from the OC Shelter. She is SAFE and she is beautiful, and according to her foster mum, she is sweet! This poor little girl has so many problems. We cannot imagine what her previous life must have

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Goodsearch Shop Good Sweepstakes

Do you support Zooh Corner through Goodsearch?  This February, you can win prizes and support us at the same time!  Grand prize includes Blue Nile earrings for you, and $1,000 for the charity of your choice.  From their Facebook post:

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