Rabbit Health Seminar on YouTube

Capture 2015-01-27 17-25-34-001Our latest free rabbit health seminar, Elderly and Disabled Rabbits part 2, is now available on  our YouTube channel.  If you didn’t make it out to Exotic Animal Care Center on January 18, you can watch Dr. Kanfer talk about the problems and treatments for your rabbits with special needs.

Along with the free health lecture, Dr. Kanfer provided hands-on demonstrations for techniques like bladder expression and physical therapy.  The Zooh Store was there with our typical supply of fresh hays, treats, toys, and trinkets.  The $15 grooming and $25 healthy pet exams so were well-attended that we couldn’t fit all our guests into the video!  We also featured adoptable bunnies from Kanfer Rescue, and are elated that C.C. found a loving home!  All the best with his new bunny family!

If you have more questions that what was covered in this seminar, then stay tuned for our next installment in March, where we will host Dr. Jan Steele from California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE).  We hope to see you there!

And don’t forget that our lecture series continues all year.  Check out the schedule!

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