Values Matter at Sprouts

sproutsYesterday, a San Diego House Rabbit Society friend posted that she had seen rabbit meat for sale at Sprouts Chula Vista and Eastlake. Sprouts Farmers Market (corporate) previously assured San Diego HRS that they would not sell rabbit meat. We found out later that the Chula Vista and Eastlake stores are independently owned and don’t have to follow corporate policy. Still, in light of the Whole Foods rabbit-meat-selling debacle—we were disappointed.

However, in response to getting many pleas to NOT sell rabbit meat, they responded to us: They will no longer sell rabbit meat either!  Here’s their letter:

Dear Concerned Sprouts Shopper,

We want to thank you for contacting us through our Facebook Page and letting us know your concerns regarding the sale of rabbit meat. We would first like to let you know that The two Sprouts Locations in Chula Vista are Independently Owned and operated and were unaware of the voluntary discontinue of the sale of Rabbit Meat by the Corporate stores. We want you to know that we have pulled the product from our shelves and will ensure that the product will not be sold at our two locations in the future. We thank you again for bringing this to our attention and please know that we want our customers to have a positive and comfortable shopping experience while at our stores. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us again. 

Alfonso Ortega
Office Manager
Sprouts Farmers Market
Chula Vista & Eastlake

THAT is listening to customer demand.
THAT is customer service.
THAT is showing the world and your customers that #valuesmatter

Read & learn, Whole Foods.

Zooh Corner encourages everyone to stop shopping at Whole Foods, tell them why via a phone call, an email or an in-store customer response card—-and start shopping at SPROUTS!

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