Last Health Lecture Nov 16

016In just one week, November 16, we will be having our final rabbit health seminar in our 2014 Free Rabbit Care Seminar Series.  This month’s topic will be about caring for elderly and disabled rabbits, where you can learn how to help your aging or disabled rabbit live happily and comfortably. Sign up now at our Eventbrite page!  

The lecture, provided by the talented Dr. Stephanie Lamb, will take place at noon.  Be sure to stick around after the lecture for:

  • The Zooh Store – treats, toys, and trinkets for your furry family member, plus medical supplies and tools to keep your pet happy and healthy.
  • $25 Healthy Pet Exams – Bring your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla for a health check and advice from Dr. Stephanie Lamb.  That’s a savings of over $45!  Please note that exam slots are limited and your pets will be seen in a first come, first serve basis, and animals who are ill will need to be seen during regular business hours.
  • Aromatherapy Grooming – For just $15, you can treat your pet to a relaxing and invigorating grooming session.  Your pet will be brushed for mats, nails trimmed, scent glands checked/cleaned, and given a lavender massage.

All raised funds go to supporting Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, and as always donations are accepted and appreciated!  And if you’ve missed any of our previous lectures, you can find their videos on our YouTube Channel.  Here’s a preview:


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