Chocy Memorial Fund

rp_107-225x300.jpgWe have started a memorial gofundme campaign raising funds in memory of Count “Chocy” Chocula, a Zooh Corner Sanctuary rabbit that has touch the hearts of many.  These funds will go toward our other rescues and sanctuary bunnies.

Chocy was 10-11 years old when he was dumped at a shelter and left to die. But we saw that darling face and our hearts were his. He was so ill! Covered in urine scald, infections in both eyes, one kidney mineralized and not functioning, the other not much better. . .and arthritis along his entire spine and hips. And did I mention the hock sores? The little guy was an adorable, skinny wreck of a bunny—but man-o-man did his personality shine through from the very beginning! Just LOOK at that little face!

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