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ethical_advocacyZooh Corner continues to oppose Whole Foods’ stance that it is acceptable to sell pets as food.  We continue to ask for your support in this.  If you are a past or present shopper, you can make a difference by taking a stand and speaking out against their decision to sell rabbit meat.

Recently, they’ve attempted a rebranding campaign with the slogan “values matter”.  They have the audacity to ask “what do you value?”, while heartlessly ignoring the values of animal lovers and animal rights activists by subjecting domesticated rabbits to deplorable living conditions, and slaughtering them at a very young age.  Worse yet, they’ve sourced their rabbits from “ag-gag” states, where laws are in place to criminalize whistleblowers who try to reveal the horrible conditions and practices used in the agriculture industry.

They want to know what you value?  Then speak up!  Let them know that you value your pets, and do not want them to sell rabbit meat!  Here are methods to reach out to Whole Foods and their communities, courtesy of the House Rabbit Society:

Here are some suggestions for comment themes:

  • Use sensory terms like:
    • out of TOUCH with their communities,
    • they don’t LISTEN to their longtime loyal supporters,
    • they don’t want you to SEE the real story of where they get their meat and instead looking to make a profit,
  • Show your lack of support for their store due to their decisions:
    • State that you are a longtime customer and you feel betrayed, lied to, used, not important. They don’t care about you anymore.  You thought you could trust them, but can’t.
    • You used to shop at Whole Foods, but no longer shop there.
    • Compare your VALUES to theirs. You VALUE compassion, honesty, loyalty and good health. You WILL NOT shop with a company that has placed profits before principles.
    • No one wants to feel like they are being manipulated or duped by an advertising campaign—especially their target audience of people who consider themselves compassionate, well-informed, and progressive.
  • State that you do not support their decision to source meat from farms in Ag-gag states
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