017Poppie was a 11-year old female rabbit rescued from the Carson shelter on November 7, 2013. She had medium urine scald, UTI, dental issues, eye infection (possibly related to dental disease), was seriously underweight with some muscle wasting and arthritis in front feet/ankles.

Xrays showed heart slightly small due to dehydration, medium amount of gas in abdomen and cecum. Poppie was shy but warmed up as soon as she was gently touched. She had arrived in rough shape but most was dealt with through good diet, TLC and antibiotics for the UTI and eye infection.

On Monday, October 20, 2014, our beautuful, lovely Poppie left to be with her bun-man, Otho. We are grateful that at least she had the better part of a year to live as a loved, cherished friend – and she had her own husbun!

Still, we always wish we could do more; give more time; wave our magic wands, sprinkle some fairy dust and make them whole and happy again.

So grateful to our Zooh Corner VP for taking her in. Always grateful when they can leave with love.

You are very much loved Poppie, and you are missed

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