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RIP Count Chocula

Our hearts are broken today. It is with so much sadness that I must tell you all that Chocy went to The Bridge. I promised him I would listen, that I would not keep him here just for me, that

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Count Chocula

Count “Chocy” Chocula was an elder bun who was due to be put to sleep at the shelter on July 29, 2013 – the very day we rescued him. It took some convincing, but we got him and we are glad

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Be the Voice of Bunnies

Zooh Corner continues to oppose Whole Foods’ stance that it is acceptable to sell pets as food.  We continue to ask for your support in this.  If you are a past or present shopper, you can make a difference by taking

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Goodbye Sweet Poppie

Our beautiful, lovely Poppie has gone to be with her bun-man, Otho. Rescued in November of last year, we are grateful that at least she had the better part of a year to live as a loved, cherished friend –

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Poppie was a 11-year old female rabbit rescued from the Carson shelter on November 7, 2013. She had medium urine scald, UTI, dental issues, eye infection (possibly related to dental disease), was seriously underweight with some muscle wasting and arthritis in

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Musicians Needed for Christmas Party

Our annual Zooh Corner Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 6th, from about 5 to 9PM.  There will be food, drinks, raffles, a silent auction, adoptable bunnies, and more!  Plus music!  Did we mention the music?  Well, about that… We are

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Double Donor Days

It’s double donor time, and thanks to two gracious donors ALL DONATIONS WILL BE DOUBLED up to $950. YUP! For every dollar you donate – it will be doubled! Yahooo!! Ending date is midnight Friday, October 10th. We’re off to

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Newcomers Walnut and Gable

On Saturday we rescued little Walnut from Inland Valley Humane Society.  This was made possible because a new foster stepped up to help Zooh Corner.  Monday we went back for the little black bun, Gable. Who wants to donate to

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