B.I.P. Teddy and Quinne

quinne teddyToday was a sad day at Zooh Corner. Our VP, Susan Shum, had to say goodbye to two of her rabbits, Teddy and Quinne.

Tears were shed by us both because we will miss these two sweet babies (I bunny-sat them so many times), but they both had good, happy long lives (though we wish Quinne had longer). Teddy was about 13 and Quinne eight or nine.

I am so grateful to Susan and Sum (her husband) for taking these two (and so many others) in and giving them the best lives they could, and especially to Susan for being such and amazing and compassionate care taker as they aged and began their journey to the next life.

Binky In Peace, Teddy and Quinne. You are much loved and you will be missed.

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