Rabbit Community Speak Against Whole Foods

Efforts continue to change Whole Foods’ stance on selling rabbit meat.  Here are several recent activities, including  a petition, video, and infographic.  Please read, share, comment, and let Whole Foods know that this is unacceptable.  Zooh Corner joins countless voices calling for the boycott of Whole Foods until they rescind their callous decision.

Rabbit Advocacy Network

The Rabbit Advocacy Network has posted a video featuring dozens of rabbit lovers who are angry, disappointed, and heartbroken about Whole Foods.  These people speak out about their frustrations while featuring their loved ones – the very same animals that Whole Foods choose to raise, slaughter, and sell for meat.

In Defense of Animals

In Defense of Animals (IDA) is an international animal rights and rescue organization, and are taking a stance against Whole Foods.  IDA has has started a petition stating that they are opposed to their decision, and call for Whole Foods to introduce more vegetarian and vegan food options as an alternative.  From their petition site.

Americans are now eating less animal flesh than ever before. Yet both the livestock industry and many in the food industry are not happy about this turn of events and are advocating for Americans to not only eat more flesh, but to consume more species of animals as well. To that end, Whole Foods Market, in response to what they have claimed is customer demand, has begun a pilot program in which they are selling rabbit flesh in five of their regions in North America. Who is next: cats, dogs, and/or horses?

Kendall Bryant Infographic

Kendall Bryant has posted a disturbing infographic that describes why you should ask Whole Foods to stop selling rabbit meat.  From her site:

Rabbits are the 3rd most common furry companion in America and they form deep bonds with their human guardians…rabbits who are used for their meat are treated like commodities…Bunnies who are used for their meat are stuffed into cramped crates for the several-hours-long journey to the slaughterhouse.

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