Luigi’s GI Stasis

013Poor Luigi. He is having tummy problems. He is already so skinny. Syringe feeding, GI support. . . And love.  Click through to see his album, where he’s getting our very best care, including fresh cecatrophes, Critical Care, Carrot Baby food (to taste), feeding syringe. Some tools of the trade for tough GI cases.

We have lots of good information about GI stasis in our information section.  Please give it a read to better understand the needs of bunnies like little Luigi.

This guy is pitiful. I would really love love love to find a foster home for him ASAP, where he can get a lot more attention than he can here. A foster home or a forever- home! Anyone out there want a super tiny sweet beautiful little white guy?

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2 comments on “Luigi’s GI Stasis
  1. Kate says:

    Poor little guy. Do we know his age yet?

    • zoohcorner says:

      We’ve estimated his age to be around 4-6 years old. He’s very underweight, but we’re working hard on getting him on a good diet of greens, hay, and a bit of pellets.

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