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Rabbit Community Speak Against Whole Foods

Efforts continue to change Whole Foods’ stance on selling rabbit meat.  Here are several recent activities, including  a petition, video, and infographic.  Please read, share, comment, and let Whole Foods know that this is unacceptable.  Zooh Corner joins countless voices calling for the

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Media Needing Your Comments

There has been a lot of media coverage regarding the campaign to stop Whole Foods from selling rabbit meat. Below are links to just some of the articles. As a supporter of Zooh Corner, can we ask that you to

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Zooh Corner Interviewed by CCN

The Crown City News recently covered Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue’s participation in the Day of Action on August 17.  Zooh Corner volunteers were in front of Whole Foods stores in the LA County area, encouraging customers to join our stance

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Silas Adopted!

Our little Silas Bun-bun MonkeyCheeks has been adopted!  His neuter  went by without a hitch, and he’s off to his forever home with a long-time Comfy Bunny Bed & Breakfast client.  Thanks to everyone involved in his rescue, health care,

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Silas Bun-bun MonkeyCheeks – Rescued May 15, 2014

Meet Silas Bun-Bun MonkeyCheeks: “I was found by a very kind couple a little over a year ago. They were not supposed to have a bunny. They kept me outside for a while, but it was getting hot, so they

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Next Rabbit Health Seminar Soon

Common Rabbit Diseases and Illnesses Zooh Corner’s next rabbit health seminar is September 21st, noon to 3pm. This is super important for ALL rabbit owners, whether your rabbits are young, old, healthy or ailing. Learn the symptoms, treatments and at-home

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Foster Home Needed ASAP

This rabbit is at a local shelter (we are located in the San Gabriel Valley, CA) and we need a foster home or adopter so we can get him out. He needs medical attention immediately! He is not yet available

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BIP Otho

BIP Otho.  You were loved and you will be missed.  We will take care of your Poppie until it is her time to be with you.

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Goodbye Whole Foods…

…Until You Stop Selling Rabbit Meat On August 17, 2014, bunny lovers across the country joined together to protest Whole Foods decision to sell rabbit meat in their market. Zooh Corner was at several stores in the LA area to

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Otho was rescued by Zooh Corner on February 25, 2014, where he was listed as 6 years old and healthy.  Soon after rescuing him, we discovered that this little guy was actually at least 10 years old and was in very ill

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