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One Week Until Next Lecture

The next free rabbit health lecture, “Does my Rabbit Need Braces“, is coming up next Sunday, July 20, and will be held at Exotic Animal Care Center – 2121 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA  91107. In this installment, learn about

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Buy Flat Bonnie; Help Zooh Corner

Do you have enough Flat Bonnies? Do you have ANY Flat Bonnies? NO? Well, now is the time! For the month of July, they are generously donating 10% of ALL SALES to Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue. HOOORAY!! Visit their site,

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Boycott Whole Foods

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue urges you to join the boycott of Whole Foods Market until they end their pilot program of selling rabbit meat.  The House Rabbit Society (HRS) has organized mass letter campaigns and petitions, but so far Whole Foods has

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Zooh Corner Loves Cottontail Cottages

Our friends at Cats & Rabbits & More carry a wonderful line of high quality, innovative products for your rabbit, guinea pig, cat, and other small animal, including the Cottontail Cottage and associated accessories.  These play houses provide a fun

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Happy 4th of July!

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue would like to extend a happy 4th of July to everyone!  Remember to keep your pets safe and cool for the holidays!  We have some wonderful tips on how to combat the dangers of heat. The

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Whole Foods Responds to HRS

The House Rabbit Society (HRS) has been petitioning for the removal of rabbit meat from Whole Foods in Northern California.  Recently, Liz Burkhart of Whole Foods responded to the HRS efforts with a dismissive letter that does not address the

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Double Donor Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention?! It’s DOUBLE-DONOR TIME! >key weird circus music< Yes indeed, we have a very generous donor offer $550 in double donations. All YOU have to do, my friends, is to make a donation

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Kiwi’s ER Surgery

Zooh Corner is sad to say the our little Kiwi bunny had to have ER dental/abscess survey on July 2. She had been doing very well —>on meds<— but within a week of being off meds her eye began to

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Zooh Corner has Fans

The Zooh Corner bunnies say THANK YOU to Dyan Guarrera and Melanie Jury Smith for providing fans to keep them cool and comfy this summer! If you would like to help Zooh Corner, there are many ways you can show

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BWF Demand Audit of LAAS

The Bunny World Foundation (BWF) are continuing their struggle regarding the deplorable Sherman Oaks breeder facility, and the lack of support and compassion from the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS).  Recently, the LAAS visited the breeder, and found only 10 rabbits

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