Kiwi’s ER Surgery

037On July 2nd little Kiwi had ER dental surgery. Two days prior we were alarmed and saddened to note a very slight bulge beneath the (R) eye, the eye we thought was healed! When I palpated the surrounding area and jaw, I knew surgery was imminent.  

Kiwi had four molars with root abscessing and it had also resulted in a retro-bulbar abscess. She came through the surgery with flying colors (Thanks, Dr Kanfer!) and has healed very well, an as of today’s check-up (sponsored by her foster mama, Susan Shum!) she is off all meds – and ready to be spayed!

The surgery was $774.35 and we have not been able to cover that at all at this point.

PLEASE consider helping us cover this for this darling (tough) little speck of a bunny!

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