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Camarillo Shelter Looking for Rabbit Rescue Partners

We recently reached out to Ventura County Animal Sevices in Camarillo, CA, regarding the poor little guy pictured here.  Zooh Corner will take him if anyone can open their home to foster.  Please contact us if you can help. From

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Busy Week; Need Support

Zooh Corner has been very busy lately, with three rescues and an ER visit.  We cannot survive if the donations do not come in.  Thank you to those who have contributed so far, but we must ask for more help

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Penguin Safe – Updated

The little 7-month year old bunny from the Baldwin Park shelter is now safely with Zooh Corner.  Thanks to Emily for stepping up to foster! We have named him Penguin, thanks to Dr. Stephanie Lamb’s suggestion. Update 2014-06-24: We’ve discovered that

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Sponsor Metacam

We are in need once again.  Can you please sponsor this medication? Injectable Metacam. Zooh Corner is very nearly out of this expensive but very necessary medication. Would anyone out there like to sponsor it for us? We do also use

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Rescued from Baldwin Park Shelter

Zooh Corner has recently rescued this little guy from the Baldwin Park Shelter.  He is about 7 months old and has mites/mange when we rescued him.  We successfully secured funds to pull him from the shelter, and have arranged for

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New Arrival

Meet our new arrival at Zooh Corner.  She may be pregnant, so she needs a spay ASAP.  Please contribute what you can to help our latest rescue.

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Adopt Silas

This face could stare at YOU every day, if you are awesome enough to adopt him. This is Silas Bun-bun MonkeyCheeks.  Check his gallery for more info and pics.

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Spay Your Rabbits

Here’s a touching message from Thea Smith, friend of Zooh Corner.  She recently lost her precious Bluebelle to cancer. There is a reason rabbits should be spayed and neutered and it’s not just about overpopulation. It’s about their health. This

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Foster Homes Desperately Needed

Foster homes are desperately needed in the Pasadena/San Gabriel CA area. OK. Let’s get serious. Zooh Corner does not have a facility. We have our **home** and the homes of our amazing and generous foster families. But that **is NOT

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The Value of Necropsies

We know that your furry little friend is more than just a pet; they are a member of your family.  When it is time to say goodbye, it is heartbreaking, and it can be a sensitive subject to consider a

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