Sarah V – Rescued June 13, 2014

002Pulled from the OC shelter in the nick of time, Sarah V (shelter name, Cheyenne), is named after her guardian angel, Sarah Alderete. If not for Sarah and her love for this special little bunny, she would not have made it.

Sarah V has had what we can only surmise was a very hard life. Malnourished, full of mites and diagnosed by our vet(s) with a heart murmur, we also believe that she has recently had babies. We have no idea what happened to them. :'( Poor little love. Sarah V is also grieving for the sister she came to the shelter with, who was killed because she was pregnant. Backyard breeders? Very likely. . .

Sarah V is currently boarding at the Exotic Anmial Care Center because we have no space here, as yet, and because no one stepped up to foster her. Initially, she was to go live with Sarah Alderete, in WA, but she is not healthy enough to make that trip. She will come to Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Wednesday or Thursday and we will love and fatten her up and see to her every need. ♥

Because we have no real space here at Zooh Corner, a local foster home is needed ASAP!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ We are SO grateful that we were able to rescue this lovely girl, but it was not free and her vet and boarding bills are growing! Please help us care for her by making a donation today. ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Many thanks to Kimberly Butler for once again playing bunny chauffeur!

Due to personal/family issues and lack of foster homes, Sarah V will board at the Exotic Animal Care Center for a few days. Please consider donating for her board and care!!

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  1. […] Sarah V had X-rays, meds, and syringe feeding.  She was boarded for nearly a week at Exotic Animal Care Center until her foster home was secured.  We received three donations for her, totalling $63. […]

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