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“What’s for Dinner” This Sunday

The next rabbit care seminar, “What’s for Dinner” is coming up this Sunday, May 25, at Exotic Animal Care Center (EACC).  During this lecture, Dr. Stephanie Lamb of EACC will talk about how to keep your rabbit healthy and happy

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Bunnies Need Foster Homes

This is just one of many bunnies needing a foster home. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is looking for 2-5 more local foster homes. We are located in San Gabriel. Fostering can be fun and a great way to learn about

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Sherman Oaks Breeder Updates

The Bunny World Foundation (BWF) is still working hard to shut down the horrific breeding situation in Sherman Oaks. We posted earlier about the 127 rabbits being kept in squalid conditions.  Due to the unof response from the Los Angeles Animal

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Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation

Here’s a video featuring success stories from Cindy A. Lee’s Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation. The Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that seeks to provide medical treatment for sick animals in

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Count Chocula’s Vet Results

It looks like Chocy’s arthritis is worse in his upper back, and in his lower back there is a collapsed disc. Painful. This could easily cause the weakness in his left behind leg. Starting him on Tramadol and kicking the

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Newcomer to Zooh Corner

“I was found by a very kind couple a little over a year ago. They were not supposed to have a bunny. They kept me outside for a while, but it was getting hot, so they contacted Zooh Corner and

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Count Chocula Going to Vet

Good thoughts and prayers, please. Taking Chocy to vet this afternoon. He is having issues with his back left leg. Also peeing more. Could be neurological, but he is also old. Need rads and blood work. Please help cover his

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Kiwi Updates

Kiwi‘s eye is improving. It is less inflamed and less discharge, though it is still swelling outward. She has started eating like a champ and is even getting a bit fussy about having her house and self messed with—yes, attitude!

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Zooh Corner Fundraiser

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue has a fundraiser organized by the talented Emily Elmer, where she is offering prints and t-shirts of her beautiful artwork for supporters. Show your support to receive a print or t-shirt! If you contribute, we’ll add

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URGENT – Mortimer Needs Foster or Adoption

MORTIMER JONES needs an adoption or a foster home ASAP. The little bun that we took in last night, KIWI, is urgently in Susan’s bathroom, but she cannot stay there. As she is going to need long term care, she

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