OMG Totes Adorable Supports Zooh Corner

screen_capture 2014-05-31 12-35-42Autumn Aasen, owner of OMG Totes Adorable, has organized an “OMG We Love Bunnies” fund, with Zooh Corner as the first recipient!  From the OMG Totes Adorable Etsy site:

OMG Totes Adorable exists to help those people who give their time, money and lives to help take care of unwanted, sick and lonely animals.

Sometimes the smaller rescues and adoption agencies slip under the cracks, and we’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen. Half of all proceeds go to a different deserving charity each month, with a different featured artist each month.

We love animals, and I bet you feel the same way. Help save some needy animals, give the rescuers a financial break and crush on the original art that we’re bringing to the cause.

OMG Totes Adorable will be opening shop on June 1.  Check them out and help support Zooh Corner!

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