Bunnies Need Foster Homes

fosters-needed-001This is just one of many bunnies needing a foster home. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is looking for 2-5 more local foster homes. We are located in San Gabriel. Fostering can be fun and a great way to learn about rabbits.

And to be clear about our foster needs/standards (we have a contract). Pretty simple – Need someone who:

  1. Is reasonably local (or willing to drive a bit) – this is flexible!
  2. Has transportation of their own
  3. Can get to our vet for any weekend appointments, or during the week **should an ER arise*
  4. Will keep rabbit inside, in a pen, and give bun love, play time, meals and medical treatment (if needed)
  5. Can get rabbit to various events and Petco days, at your scheduling convenience.

We will provide set-up, pellets and hay, and will cover the cost of all vet care.

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