Newcomer to Zooh Corner

003“I was found by a very kind couple a little over a year ago. They were not supposed to have a bunny. They kept me outside for a while, but it was getting hot, so they contacted Zooh Corner and asked them if they would take me in. Cat explained explained the situation with the shelters being overcrowded and the rescues being full to the brim and told them I could be on a waiting list. Cat also asked the people to bring me inside the house to live, and explained how to set me up.”

So….the people who found this little guy were really good souls. They brought him inside to live and contacted me every few months to see if there was space. The waited….and waited…and we finally had an open space—-and here he is!

I have to say I am impressed that these kind people did right by this rabbit. Much more so than about 99% of those we encounter who want to “get rid of” (*&%#@#) their own pets!

This guy is about three years old and needs to be neutered. He is SUPER kind and sweet and will be a great addition to any family….and I would love to find him a home ASAP!

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